Sinds 1980 we had some smooth jack russells and from time to time a litter of these lovely dogs. Since 2009 we also lost our heart on the roughhaired/broken type.


What started with an accidently participation on an international dogshow, grew into great interest and deepening in these fantastic dogs.

I followed a breederstraining at the Belgian KMSH and take part in their activities and those of the NVJRT in the Netherlands.


Our dogs are 100% healthy and are free of patellar dislocation and hereditary eye disease (yearly certificated).

They participate in the program of the local dog obedience school and did a social test succesfully.


In addition, they also regularly participate at some international dogshows which results you find under their name in the tab ‘dogs’.

We only breed pups with an official LOSHpedigree of the Belgian KMSH and want to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of this fantastic breed, only intended for people who spend enough friendship and time on them.


We breed a litter from time to time. We choose very carefully the future father, fulfilling all health standards and the breed standard.
Both parents must also have a friendly and tolerant character.